Jumbo Faux Leather Bow clips - White, Grey, Burgundy


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Cute faux leather bow clips to embellish your planners, scrapbook layouts and more

Adorable faux leather bow clips in a jumbo size! You can embellish your paper projects, scrapbooks, planners etc with these or use them in whatever creative way you can come up with! The clips are either gold or rose gold - please see photos.

Size: clips are approximately 1x2", except for two: white leopard single and 4-point tail bow clips, these are approximately 0.5x1.5". Bows are around 2" wide, depending on the type of bow - the 4-point bows without tail are just under 2" wide,  bows with tail are just over 2" wide.

All sales are final. No returns accepted unless the bows have quality issues. This should not happen since I personally check every single item, but I'm only human, so if it does happen, please drop me a message and I'm sure we can sort it out!