While in general I don't restock dies, there's always a few here and there that I reconsider, because I don't want anyone to feel left out :) The following sets will be coming back in stock soon:
- Für Dich (week 4) - AVAILABLE NOW! (in the Older Dies section)
- Brick Wall Background (week 4) - AVAILABLE NOW! (in the December 2023 section)
- Peekaboo Cover Plate (week 6) - AVAILABLE NOW! (in the March 2023 section)
- Fluffy Clouds Background (week 6) - AVAILABLE NOW! (in the March 2023 section)


Even though you'll see SEPA Direct Debit as an available Payment Method, you will not be able to use this. From now on, only PayPal and credit card payments will be accepted. Thank you so much for your understanding.